DIY | $20 Industrial Bedside Lamps


Do you want this look for half the price? That's exactly how I felt when I saw Industrial Bedside Lamps online. After embarking on my new journey in a new apartment this leads me to believe in one thing, decorating on a budget was possible, because as a new graduate, working full time, and living just above the poverty line I know how it feels to want the look without the price tag.

When you move into a new place you will notice that there's never enough lighting anywhere you want it. You probably have the standard light in the middle of the room that screams (look at how boring I am). You're probably thinking, I know, and you don't cover any areas I need. Better yet, if you're anything like me, you're thinking...That's a waste of electricity when I only need one bulb in one area. So, I like any young renter I got online and did a little hunting for the best cure of my mid LIGHT crisis < LOL.

Typically industrial lamps will run you $40 + for just one. I was inspired when I went to the local bargain store in my area and came across a temporary light for contractors that was only $1! Then, I made my way to IKEA and found a string light with a switch for $11 and it came with an LED light bulb. Now, the light bulb was important because the lighting cover was a cheap material and I did not want a standard glass bulb to overheat it or bring any heat in a my bedroom (which is already stuffy being that it's from the 1920s).

The lamp shade is called a brooder reflector and it's made out of aluminum. 

You can get a brooder lamp with cord for about $11 from a local hard ware store. Then all you have to do is purchase your bulb.
You will need: Two Wingnut and Clamps to hold the lamp shade in place, they typically cost $3.99 and if you want to go cheap get a Hose/Repair Clamp for $1. You also get a C-Clamp for $3.

Even though Ikea lights come with the clamp inside, you have to get the right size for it to work, and since I was cheap the hole for light was too narrow.


IKEA | EKBY LERBERG x2 for $2 each
HEMMA light with Switch and LED light x2 $11 each

Brooder Camp Light shade x2 (from local bargain store) $1 each

TOTAL | $36 for 2

If you don't want the camp brooder you can get a lamp guard which is actually cheaper than a lampshade.

Here's the final result of my DIY Industrial bedside lamps. Can you believe this whole lamp project cost me $36! for the price of just one lamp I was able to make two!

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