DIY | Positive Sign Wall Decals for $1


Decals are the new wall paper these days and for young professionals, college students, or families decals have become a way to express oneself and add modern decor to a space. But, for $40 + I decided I could find a cheaper route to my decor woes.

I see it like this, back in the day, people got to paint on their walls and now we just buy decals. 
Wow, have the times changed.

After scouting Amazon I decided that I could not afford $40 worth of decals to cover two walls in my apartment. So, I came across some electrical tape my uncle use to utilize when he was doing projects at home. My wall aren't finished with a gloss coat so I knew that duct tape or gorilla tape who do extreme harm to the paint so I opted to try a washi tape. If you don't know what washi is, it's a plastic tape, that is flexible but durable and comes in a variety of cools and patterns. This type of type was created and utilized a lot in Japanese culture. 

Many suggested you use Scott Tape's Expressions but it was $3 at Target and I wasn't sure it would do what I needed it to do.

I went to my local bargain store and picked up some electrical tape for $1 Yes, you heard that correct....I made wall decals for $1.

Here's how you do it:

 1. Cut your tape into the lengths you want. You can do big ones and small ones.
2. Cross the two pieces of tape you measured over one another.

3. Lay out all your cuts on a wall that you are not using.

4. Eye ball the area and where you would to place your DIY wall decals.

5. Start from the top, bottom, or side of the way in the direction you would like your art to be shown.

Once you get a pattern going it's really easy to keep it in place. This is the final product of about 2 hours of work.

If you like the [$20 Industrial inspired Bedside lamps] in the photo above please check out my blog post.

Sneak peek into the other side of my bed where my computer desk sits. You can also see that I used the wall decals. I really love the spark it gives to my very large bedroom. It looks very modern and little scaled down now that my tan walls are covered in DIY Wall Decals.

If you like this DIY and use it please let me know by using the hashtag #androgynineDIY 

I hope your home is happy as mine. 

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