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I live in SUNNY Southern California, where if you don't own a pair or two of quality sun glasses, then you might as well move to South Dakota. The sun is always shinning in California and if you live a few blocks from the beach you're either blocking the sun, the sand, or the fog. Sunglasses are an Androgynine's life. They are a neutral fashion accessory that doesn't discriminate male from female.

California is a state where SHADE get's thrown around so much you have to make sure you're covered.
If you've just joined my tribe then note that sun glasses are something you rarely see me wear in photos but I wear them a lot in real life.

It's rare that I purchase eyeglasses online because I love to get a feel for what they will look like on my face but when offered me a chance to check out their online store I just couldn't pass it up. Given that I suffer from really bad allergies, I mean so bad I have eye lashed falling out, I knew that getting a new pair of glasses was a priority. One, I can't be walking around with eye lashes one eye and none on the other.

I decided to choose something gender neutral and being that black is my favorite color \ non-color I went for a new look by selecting aviators instead of wayfarers because I already have wayfarers from a luxury brand. I chose the Antioch Aviator - Black/Golden because windbreakers are really in this season and I wanted something that would compliment that style going into fall. offers so many choices and styles that it was hard for me to just choose one pair. I wanted to order at least three or four.

The company also offers prescriptions sunglasses! After you check out the different styles, then you tell them your prescription numbers, and you have glasses for way less than half the price with a unique style. I love the fact you can get your prescription added to the sunglasses or eye glasses because every time I go to the eye doctor I get stiffed with the standard package and I hate they librarian/old maid glasses they offer me.

Now, I have tones of options to choose from and if I don't like the glasses I can send them back. That's a pretty awesome deal! But wait, I have an even better deal, they gave me coupon code [GSHOT50] You can get 50% OFF your first pair!

Yes, you are getting a great price but note that you are buying the style more than the quality of the merchandise. Most of their sun glasses frames are made of plastic or tin metal instead of the typical resin, metal (alloy), or wood etc.

Real glasses have glass in them that will last you sometimes a life time.

I ordered the glasses August 9th and got it a week and half later which is awesome! The shipping was fast and the package was small and friendly.

I would definitely order more come next summer.

Disclaimer: sponsored this review. I received a product to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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