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Don't let the rain ruin your whole trip just waterproof it with a few accessories.

I have never been more excited than I was right then. I mean, I was booking my room on Airbnb, buying my plane ticket, then finally purchasing my attire. I was ready to travel across the country for the time of my life. This would not be the first time I have packed up and trail blazed to the other side of the county as I frequent Florida to visit family and friends.

Given that Florida is a top destination for me, I'm used to traveling in the rain or expect rain upon arrival at a location. Yet, I had never experienced rain while staying in the nation's capital. I had experienced snow so I knew exactly what to pack for that but rain? who packs for the rain? Me, all because the week before my trip I check the weather only to realize, there would be thunderstorms and clouds.

I was devastated for a few different reasons. This was not a cheap trip to the nation's capital. I was going particularly for business and added a few days for fun.

I had every plan to be a fashionista/lifestyle blogger tourist LOL. You can probably tell by the items I bought.

These things included Nike Tanjun running shoes, new travel tote from H&M (laptop),  I got a new carry-on (fabric) luggage from Ross, and I bought a swanky set of airport wardrobe from F21 & H&M. All these small things were snagged on a memorial sale to give me a bit of style while enjoying my mini-vacay.

So, as the rain set in my mind, the pain set in. I realized the Nike Tajuns I bought would be useless, the fabric carry-on would be soaked, and my wardrobe was made for the humid hot summer (shorts, dresses, and a pair of pants). So, there I was, back at square one because I couldn't take back any of my sale items. I had to scramble to figure out what I would do.

I regroup my summer travel dreams and came out with a plan to waterproof my trip.

These were a few items I have come to realize are a LIFESAVER when traveling in rain:

  1. A compact and/or large umbrella
  2. rain coat/poncho
  3. Trench coat/bomber jacket
  4.  rain boots - Option 1, Option 2 - Packable or regular winter boots
  5. Jeans - the denim kind *nothing white*
  6. Layered clothes like sweaters or cardigans
  7. A scarf - I don't know why people forget to add this very important accessory when it rains
  8. Socks - at least 2 pairs
  9. Waterproof luggage or poncho for your fabric luggage
  10. A hat/beanie
  11. Gloves < if the weather is cold

Since you might not be out as much as you'd hoped Hulu and Netflix if you have an iPad or Laptop will save you from feeling down while being stuck inside. Also, you can listen to audible books.

I decided to purchase a 48-hour bus tour (via Groupon) for $29 so that I wouldn't miss out on seeing all the sights around Washington, D.C. I also purchase it because I'm solo traveler and it was probably better for me meet people using my preferred method of transit then hopping on and off a Uber or Lyft.

By all means if you prefer that kind of transit feel free to use my coupon code (Uber) and (Lyft) to get FREE RIDE CREDIT. You get a ride and I do too! It's win win for the both of us.

Also, since you wont be going out much in the rain, depending on how many days you are there and if the hotel food isn't too pricey, I would suggest using Postmates or UberEats.

Additional items you might need for your travels: My favorite finds

Medicine/First Aid Bag

Key chain flash light
Sleeping aid
Band aid kit
Allergy medicine
Pain relief
A tea bag packet < I know this sounds strange but when you're sick on a flight or stuck sitting at Starbucks far from home, your favorite tea bag, can make you feel alot better.
Vicks vapor rub
Tiger balm
Banana chips
Bottled water
Ziplock bag
Hand Sanitizer

I hope you have a fun and safe trip! Don't let a little rain water down your fun.
To hear more about my travels and see photos from the nations capitol check out my Instagram Feed. Are you heading someone where fun? Let me know by using the hashtag #AndrogynineTRAVEL 

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