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Pantene has created a new line of products specially formulated for African American Hair Textures and I just to see what the hype was all about.

With many companies shift their natural hair products to focus on including "all curls," Pantene had decided that African American hair textures deserved their own spotlight and I must say I agree. Yet, I have a few more things to say as well... Here's my review on their new Gold Series.

Proud to say I've partnered up with Pantene to promote their Gold Series a product designed for African American hair textures. The smell of argon oil and it's moisturizing properties should be a nice transition for my natural hair. For more of my review please check out my blog post coming within the week. Thanks Pantene for the products.

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I'm currently wearing a unit I made from JuJuHair Company's CASHMERE loose wave.

I couldn't get my extensions to wave up for anything!!!! After I straighten it once it never bounced back...until today. The PANTENE GOLD SERIES kill this hair. It's bouncy again and has its life back. This product is great at restoring old weaves. Mine got a new life. I didn't love the shampoo but the conditioner and butter cream for this hair was perfect! As for my natural's no go. They have sulfate and alcohol in the product.

My issues is that not all black hair is NOT created equally. One product that may work for one #teamnatural girl might not work for another. It's the sad and harsh reality for many of us brown girls. I really wanted to try this product to see if there would be name brand items in the regular hair aisle that would be good to grab and go. Something that wasn't over priced and unnecessary.

Here's my take each individual product that I was sent.

The Shampoo - does not lather. I didn't like it because it did not cover all the hair. I felt it didn't rise the hair properly. I did LOVE the smell. I mean the best smell ever. It has alcohol and sulfate in it.

The Conditioner - Amazing. The slip on  this product would be great for 4a/4c hair. It really does condition the hair right after being stripped from the shampoo. This had alcohol and sulfate in it and that is what would turn me off from using it on my own natural hair. Yet, on my extensions it worked perfectly.

Butter Creme - This a great way to set a curly style just like any other butter (shea) it gives your hair hold. You don't have to use a lot and you don't have to keep reapplying day after day. Once you use it once it will hold for at least 3-5 days depending on your style routine. I would say it's the BEST product in this whole series but how can you can wrong with argon oil and butter? you can't.

Overall, the best product for my natural hair would be the conditioner. I couldn't leave the Gold Series conditioner in so I would have to follow up with a leave in conditioner because of the alcohol and sulfate contents. I love the butter but I feel I could do without it.

I hope you found this review useful.

Will you be trying out the Pantene Gold Series? Have you tried their products on your natural hair or extensions before? If so, let me know below. Let's share.
Disclaimer: Pantene sponsored this review. I received a product to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.

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