Fitting Room Confession | Ruffle, Flare, Tie Sleeve Tops


Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, this fall is bringing back some old trends from the 70s era. I can't say I'm a 70s boho chic girl but I love to incorporate things my parents know love into my style closet.

 The hottest ticket to chic this season that won't break the bank is the ruffle, flare, tie sleeve top.

Whilst in my hometown I stumbled into Marshall's and came across my favorite color: white. If you don't know most of my tops are white, black, or patterned. I found this amazing flare sleeve blouse in the clearance section for $10! That was definitely a steal I couldn't pass up. Right now you can find similar tops for $35+.

The best way to pair these tops are with slim point business pants, the ones in the photo are from Michael Khors, or pencil skirt, or my fav. is a pair of old-school dark wash bell bottom jeans. You need a sleek shoe and I would go with a Chelsea bootie heel or a block heel.

I was lucky and found a pair of booties at GoodWill for $10! I also found a pair of bootcut Express jeans for $10 to complete this look for $30! I think I did pretty well.

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