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This is not a gimmick it's real! You can get a meal from El Pollo Loco for FREE. No purchase necessary. So, are you hungry for chicken? (Look inside).

As a single woman, I wish I had the time to cook more but I'll be honest, I don't. Between commuting to work, to the store, etc. I just don't find the time to cook. I try to use my weekends to get my meals prepped for the week ahead. So when my sister hit me up an told me I could get a FREE meal from El Pollo Loco I thought she was LOCO. She told me all I had to do was download the app and I would be given a coupon via the app. I figured, what the hell it can't hurt.

So, I gave it a go. I download the app and within 24 hours a free meal was added to my REDEEM section and right under OFFERS.

Here's how you go get free food |

What do you do: download their app! < yes, it's that simple. Add my code when they ask for a referral.

#couponcode: Patrici1359

There are many ways to earn as well, collect points and redeem other special offers for more free food...like that Taco Al Carbon.

*This post was NOT sponsored by El Pollo Loco and this is my honest opinion of the app and food.

Happy EATS!

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