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My curly hair has been screaming for some much-needed treatment. I'm currently wearing the deep curly by Yummy Hair Extensions and I must stay this hair takes a lot of maintenance. I use to put hair serum in it a lot but recently I have been using conditioner to tame the mane. Since I'm working woman I don't have to think about my hair as often as I'd like but lately, I noticed it was very dry. So when I was asked to review a new product for dry and brittle hair I couldn't pass it up.

Loreal has launched its own line of hair care products for dry and brittle hair. To help restore hair back to its life ie they call it El Vive "The Life." I was skeptical at first because as always I look at the ingredients I put in my hair. Even though I wear extensions I'm an all natural hair care type of black woman. I also HATE alcohol with a passion. I'm sorry but alcohol and my natural hair do not go together very well. When wearing extensions you can't forget about your hair growing underneath so when I see alcohol I get a little nervous and yes I saw it. I get it that alcohol is preserving method but I'm waiting for the day it's not present in my product reviews.

What can I say about this fantastic product? It's only $6 and will probably last you 3-6 months depending on your hair length. I love this serum and I mean love it. It smells like something I can't describe. It's made from coconut oil, the camellia flower, and sunflower seed oil. It might be the camellia flower I'm smelling but I love it. It's a little bottle of black girl magic! It does exactly what it says it's going to do. My extensions were soft after just one use! I don't even get that with my raw coconut oil so I think this is a winning product for Loreal. I do use this product along with a conditioner and regular water.

If you have frizzy, brittle, dry, and curly hair I would definitely suggest using this before you co-wash or after when you air dry hair.
Above are some of my other favorites I've enjoyed this year. I love how they all blend well together.

Do you use a hair serum? if so which kind? What are the benefits of hair oils?

Disclaimer: Loreal sponsored this review. I received a product to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.

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