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So finally you get the email requesting a phone interview, you accept, but you're wondering what's next? What can you do to stand out from all the other candidates or get an in-person interview? Don't worry I had the same questions and here's what I learned:

When interviewing with the Recruiter |
Do your research
Have your resume available
Select 2-3 situations that best represent your hard and soft skills
Smile through the phone
Listen, Think, Speak
Take notes
Ask questions like:
What do they think you should prepare for the next phone interview or in-person interview?
What stood out to you the most about my resume?
How do you like your position and the company culture?
Who will you be working with?

When interviewing with the Hiring Manager |

Research the hiring manager < see if you have something in common and appeal to that
Know the company's agenda or product and how it aligns with you.
Again, have your resume on hand and discuss work you have done that relates to the position they would like to hire you for.
Have a 30-second pitch speech about who you are
Write down 10 common interview questions, rehearse them with someone or yourself, be prepared
Smile through the phone
It's ok to tell an innocent joke or showcase personality
Be brief and get two-three points max because you won't have long to speak with the person
Again, take notes
If they talk about something personal then let them know if you truly agree with them and why.

Ask questions like:
How long have they worked with the company?
Why is the current position available?
What is the company looking for specifically with that staff member outside of their hard and soft skills?
What is the company culture like? is it casual, formal, religious, inclusive, etc.
What does the position entail? I know it will be in the job description but you really want to know what the (other duties assigned) really consist of you doing.
Who will be your direct boss? What type of boss they are?

Ask yourself questions:
Can I do the work that is being required of me? If not, is there assistance for learning (ie training).
Do I have to relocate and if they are willing to assist with that?
Will health care be included in the salary package? if so, what will my monthly premium be?
Will I be offered a livable wage/salary? (please check the prices of apartments or homes but also include your monthly expenses and utilities.
Do I see myself working this position?
Will this position lead me to where I want to be in my career 5 years from now?
How much time and energy am I willing to invest in this company, services, or product? (Will you take work home, go out of your work to accommodate them, how personal are you willing to be over time?)

When doing an in-person (Panel/Group) Interview |

Know each person you will be interviewing with. Yes, sometimes you have to interview with a panel and you want to know at least 1-2 of those persons professional background.
Dress professionally no matter what the company culture is because the focus shouldn't be on your yellow Yeezy shirt or Gucci handbag unless you're model.
Do not wear perfume!
Be polished | Get your hair, nails, and feet done.
Practice answering interview questions in the mirror because it helps you make eye contact with your interviewer.
Write down what your last employment review was and what you think you could do better in the future. It shows growth in case they ask you about your weaknesses, previous boss, or how you handle conflict.
Write down what makes you unique and what helps you feel happy or accomplished in the field of work. Reflect on what you've brought to other positions in the past.

Think of who you are as an entire person, for example, are you always late? You are not a morning person? Do you need coffee or Jamba Juice? Do you enjoy an 8 to 5 job or would you prefer to work at home part-time? Do you need a week-long vacation every 6 months like I do? Do you get holidays or Sundays off if you're the kind of person who is family orientated or religious?

Tell them who you are in between answering their questions. Trust me they want to know who you are as professional and a person. You have to understand you will be spending 8 hours a day with these people per week. They will spend more time with you than their own families so they want to make sure it's productive but also enjoyable.

Ask them|
What type of person would they like to work with? What are their expectations for this position? What are their needs on a daily basis?
How do they communicate and what is their preferred way of communicating?
What are some anticipated challenges this position might have to overcome?
Do they have a reoccurring calendar of events or meetings that are anticipated?
How often are employee evaluations? How often is a workload assessment given?
Team building activities?
Why do people stay? Why do people leave?
Room for company growth?
Is training given?
What are they working to accomplish within current their position?
How do they like the city/town they work in?
What are they passionate about?

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck in your job search and hiring processes.

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