Fitting Room Confession | Windsor Store's Gia Dress for Company Holiday Party


My company hosted a masquerade holiday party and I hadn't decided if I was going or not because I wasn't sure I'd get the day off. I also had to purchase an airbnb, shoes, and a dress. I felt like the expense alone would slow me down from joining in on the festivities. Low and below, my boss gave me the day off and I was running around last minute trying to figure it all out. What would I wear? Who would go with me?

Deciding to go to my company's holiday party last minute was only the beginning of this nightmare.

My guy couldn't go which made me want to go even less. My co-worker asked if her friend could be my plus one but I'd never met the guy before and was hesitant but since my so-called guy wasn't able to go I decided, what the hell.

I order my shoes from Zara the weekend before because I thought they'd be perfect for some jeans but then ended up going well with this dress.

Gia One Shoulder Dress with a high slit from Windsor store: $78

I tried the dress on in store 1 hour before closing. The dress I tried on was tightly fitted but it was coming apart at every seam. The Retail Associate went to the beck and brought me another one and I took the newer one home. I never thought in a million years this issue could happen.

The day of the party I tried on the dress and the fit was way off!!!!!! Same dress but the New one was larger and I was pissed. I had to pin my dress in certain places. It did not look right. The zipper area poked out in the back...was not smooth like the one in fitting room (you can see the pictures below). I pulled one of the cross straps behind my head just to tighten the overall look for the night of the holiday party. No one noticed and I got a lot of compliments all night. I was mad I paid all that money to get handed a dress that didn't fit like the one I'd tried on in the store.

Lesson learned...try on the dress even if its the same size. You can't trust Windsor's sizing. Also, I bet if I washed it, it would start coming undone just like the initial one I'd tried on in store.

I'll be selling this dress for $50 in my shop. Wore it once but never again. If you're a size large typically this dress will be perfect for you.

The holiday party was a lot of fun, my plus one was the life of the party...I barely saw him as he danced the around and chatted the night away. I was still sick and overcoming a head cold. I decided two drinks was my limit and I wouldn't be able to dance much in those shoes (germs scared me so I kept them on). I laughed with friends and said hi to people from other departments. I missed the coziness of my Zara faux fur coat that I left at check-in but I soon got it back as we left to the after party.

The after party was filled with POCinTech, mostly, elite blacks looking revel in their six-figure paychecks by showing off their couture holiday attire. The VIP section was short lived for me and expired for the night after a calling an uber. I was in bed by 1am and that seemed just about right. No Cinderella story for me just a small town girl with big dreams in a city that swallowed up people and spit them on street corners to have the world forget they even existed. I know because I was like three months prior. 

I couldn't help but feel like the emerald light that Gatsby stared at as he thought about Daisy. I questioned, would I ever find a man that loved me the way Gatsby loved Daisy? Or would I be like Gatsby, to become an epic tragedy they write in books? 

"It takes two to make an accident" - Great Gatsby

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