Fashion Finds | White Leather Sneakers 2019-20


These are my major must-have leather sneakers for any androgynine from 2019-2020.

The Stan Smiths are a classic but they are sold out everywhere in all white. That goes to show you how much people love this shoe.

Pairs great with everything including skirts. It reminds me of the 50s Saddle shoes - you can see the inspiration if you look closely.

I wanted to love the Stan Smiths but my wide foot made them feel like the Superstars. 
I think because I'm short anything with a rounded toe bock makes me look even shorter.
It was a no for me. 

I decided to go with the Nike Blazer Low. My foot needs to look streamlined because it's already wide, I look shoe that can make it look narrow.

The Essential Leather Sneaker from Banana Republic is amazing! The feeling of the insole is super plush and all around the look is chic. On the back of the shoe tab, it looks like snakeskin print embossed in white. These are on my A-LIST.

The second runner up is the Tedah by Ted Baker.
If you feel like splurging, I would go all out and grab these Gucci sneakers. It's classic look with a spritz of luxury.

Honorable mention: Puma - Cali.

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