Fitting Room Confession | Satin Slip Dress


You can be up to your boobie in white satin, white gardenias in your hair and on sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation. - Billie Holiday

This lavender satin slip dress from Forever21 is spot on this winter. I grabbed it on the in-store 70 percent off sale, cost me 5.50 and the cardigan was $2. 
Satin skirts are really on-trend at the moment and give customers a throwback to the 80s.
This pastel lavender color with this light blue cardigan has been seen all over the runway. 
The blue color against anything really stands out.

I think I will pair this dress with cable knit sweater of the same color (from Zara) or white.


Lavender Slip Dress: Forever 21, (similar), High End (option)

Before you go:
Would you rock this look? What top would you wear?

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