OOTD | Oversized Blouse and Obi Belt Zara


Irony has seeped into the felt of any fedora hat I have ever owned - not out of any wish of mine, but out of necessity. A fedora hat worn by me without the necessary protective irony would eat through my head and kill me. - George W.S. Trow

I had been eying this t-shirt in Zara as circled the store. I thought, what can I do with it? Winter is almost here but this will look great in the summer. I was shook so I decided to take into the fitting with me. Once I slipped it on I realized that this would be look for ComplexCon in Long Beach. It was perfect representation of my "uniform." I think every stylist has a uniform, something they wear every time they go to work. For me it's a white blouse, black jeans, and white sneakers. I change out my shoes based on where my feet land. I like looks that can go anywhere with me.
Being back in Long Beach made me miss home. I love L.A. because my family and friends are all there. I ended up spending the day with aunt, we had lunch and went for ice cream. It was truly a perfect day. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in sight. My t-shirt dress grabbed looks from everywhere and I got complement by the girl in the ice cream parlor.


Blouse [Zara] : Long Flowy Oversized Blouse
Belt [Zara] : Sash Belt
Fedora [H&M]
Purse [Coach]
Watch [Micheal Kors]
Shoes [Nike]

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