Fall Coats I'm loving this season Part 2

As if I don't have enough coats already, this year I decided to invest in another coat but with some pattern to it. I picked up this houndstooth/…
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Fall Coats I'm loving this season Part 1

Fall coats I'm loving this season because lets be honest here it rarely gets below 40 degrees in Las Vegas. I'm used to it being below 40 by …
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Easy Homemade Cornbread Stuffing/Dressing

This is year I decided to make dressing because we never stuff a turkey in my house growing up. We always cooked it, deboned it, and add the meat to …
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The End | My last days as a COVID19 Essential Worker

This has been such a long and unexpected journey. I never imagined I would be here. I'm writing this, to sum up, my experience with what I learn…
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Black Berry Mojito | Happy Hour

I'm literally obsessed with making cocktails at home. Ever since we got stuck inside from COVID I've been mixing up some of my favorite deli…
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OOTD | Monochrome Neutral Summer

Fall is just around the corner and with COVID eating up most of our spring and now summer I decided to skip ahead. Keep it business casual...as usua…
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OOTD | What I'm Wearing at Home for Zoom Meetings

Meeting after virtual meeting...it all comes down to what do I wear? They can't see me from the waist down so why worry? Well, I'm not tryin…
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POCinTech | Working During #Covid19

One day I was sitting at my cubical while managing two databases, chatting with co-workers, and dreaming of a full-time position with health care an…
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Best Setting Spray | Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Setting Spray*

It's hot and all I can think about is if I start shooting lookbooks in the Vegas heat my make up will run off my face...if I have a face left. I …
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H&M Lemon Kaftan Dress | Fitting Room Confession

COVID has us locked inside so my normal fitting room confessions have been put on halt. Instead, my closet has become my dressing room with the same,…
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Living Single | Review of Linen bedding from Ikea and H&M

I live in the desert and it's getting HOT here. I mean like 100 degrees at 9am in the morning. I can't have that type of stress in my life. …
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Lulu's Puffy Sleeve Smocked Midi Dress in White | Fitting Room Confession

Something for the season. I know we're all stuck inside but the best part about it is...a lot of people are filming/video conferencing events on…
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Emerge for Natural Hair*

No filter just natural product for naturals like me.
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