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One day I was sitting at my cubical while managing two databases, chatting with co-workers, and dreaming of a full-time position with health care and financial benefits. I was hired by mistake for a contract position. I never thought I would be working in the health care field.
At first, I was sour that my recruiter sent me to the wrong interview. I went in and interviewed not knowing it was for an administrative specialist but luckily I had the experience and it aligned with my technical skills as a database manager. The fit was perfect but they pay was not. The other position would have allotted me $2 more, the amount I made straight out getting my Masters, so I hope you understand why it all felt like a downgrade. I mean, I went from helping build startups to a database manager for an unliveable wage.

I started in January a week before my birthday, I was amazed at how awesome my boss was, he made being at work a delight. Yet, this boss put on the pressure and I totally understood...here I am managing critical data and there's no room for error. All my co-workers slowly trickled in to help me with any questions and before I knew I had both databases down! I made friends across teams and locations. 

I also took on a job with Johns Hopkins for 25 hours a week - yes that's right 65 hour work week but I needed it because I wanted to move out of my emotionally abusive roommate situation. At JHU I'm a talent source specialist and diversity lead. I'm basically learning about recruiting and human resources from an entry-level position. This position also allows me to do diversity and inclusion work which is the main reason I took the job. I got my hours down to 20 hrs a week but the work is now one-week sprints instead of two which means I'm doing more in less time or at least that's how it feels.

One day in March things took a complete turn. I saw panic run through the eyes of the staff at the medical school and saw doors that once were wide-open, now closed. I heard voices arguing back and forth but about what I did not know. The whispers in the other cubicles were that we had a crisis on our hands. Little did I know the tension would build so thick you could cut it with a knife.
The hospital and medical school were about to make major changes. This would come at the worst time of all, the end of contracts for a third of the staff.

COVID19 announcement from the President of the university hit like a sharp knife. Social distancing would be in effect. I had just taken some days to move so the work from home had already been my normal. I discussed it with my boss and of course, given my medical history, it was best. After I week or so I started to go in certain days and work from home others. I needed to able to have access to certain hard files. I never knew the team's contract hadn't been renewed. All I knew I was getting more project request than usual. A former co-worker and I had a chat and she told me the sad news. I was sad to know many people I enjoyed being around weren't going to be back. Then, I hit me that many people included doctors, nurses, residents, and/or students who all worked in the hospital next door. The sadness of going into the office definitely took over. Hearing the case number rise made me distraught. I even stopped to think of the most vulnerable people in my life and how I hadn't seen my parents in 2 years.

Yes, I thought to myself, you just moved into your apartment and ordered all that furniture...what will you do if they let you go? How are you going to make it? You can't get fired again! You can't afford to be out on the streets it would mentally break me. I suffered a little PTSD as memories came flooding back to me. I worked so hard to get a job and support myself and now COVID19 is going to ruin my life. I needed to make sure my work was A1, I could not afford to be let go early and I couldn't risk not getting a great recommendation when my contract ends.

Well,  in May I found out via a group video meeting that I wouldn't be kept past the end of my contract due to a hiring freeze. Now, I'll be joining the millions of other people in July by looking for a new job.
I have pulled back on buying clothes, eating out, or getting furniture. My focus is on my second job and figuring out how to blog consistently. Networking daily has become my new hobby. Anything I can do to find a job at this point is what I do in my free time. I have to stay positive. Life hasn't been great these past two months. I have struggled emotionally and tried not to take it out on myself.

My hope is that I find a full-time job by the end of June. I realize I LOVE working from home. I don't ever want to have to enter an office unless I have too. Yet, if I have to take PT job in retail or whatever, I will keep the lights on and a roof over my head. That's life sometimes, for me all the time, but if life gives you lemons and you make lemonade or margaritas like me lol.

Pray, I find a new gig! Until then, stay home, stay safe, and be well!

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