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It's hot and all I can think about is if I start shooting lookbooks in the Vegas heat my make up will run off my face...if I have a face left. I need something to help a sista out.

I don't wear makeup often, it's primarily for shooting and special events. I'm trying to practice more and more every day. 

You will not see me do crazy eye make up because that's just not my ministry. But for what it's worth you will see me invest in beauty products that enhance my looks and don't damage my skin. 

What I love about Hourglass cosmetics Veil Setting Spray, it feels more like an airbrush spray than a mist like other products. I typically use Mac but this by far gives it a run for its money at $48. It even sprays out evenly and coats the face just like a veil. You barely even feel it before your makeup soaks it up. I had a cake face before I started using the spray and I thought it would definitely show up in photos but nope. I look like I don't have any makeup on at all. 

I don't know if it's going to last all day. I have dry skin so my thing is adding moisture back in and I don't think this will be a problem because the product appears to do just that in a refined kind of way.
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