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Career update: I'm still an essential worker. It's been a year and I haven't really given you all an update on my career. Here's a rundown:
I stayed working as a database manager and was promoted to FT coordinator. I have been so busy with my new role during the pandemic that I haven't had much time to do anything else which is the reason these blog posts are spotty. Let's be serious that's not the only reason this blog is spotty...I was featured in the New York Times in October 2020 for my curtation of #Blacklinkedin and discussing why amplifying melanated voices has been marginalized on the platform. If I'm good at anything, I'm good at pointing out a problem. I wish I was better at creating solutions to those problems. Tech is an industry that has its own bias and its algorithms are really a bias against black and brown people. If you're interested in my faux TedTalk check out my professional website.

Anywho, I also have been building out Newbies in Tech, a career development platform and peer community for non-traditional hires trying to land a job in the tech industry. I had to do a reorg and revamp my marketing plan for my target audience. I have been working with my brand photographer Jermaine and two interns. We hope to revamp before the Fall but Newbies in Tech is not dead it's just on sabbatical for everyone.

I'm still working from home because I also have a remote PT job so, this is what I'm wearing when I have to put on clothes.


Blazer: Zara and a (similar but more lux
Top: Forever21 - Prince T-Shirt
Jeans: Forever21
Socks: Gucci
Belt: Cotton on (similar one)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Tory Burch - similar

I have really decided to invest in my self-fulfillment by taking a certification course in Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace from USF. I should be finished with that course at the beginning of May. I have really enjoyed the things I have learned about diversity and how to practice it in the workplace. My professional goal is to become a diversity and inclusion consultant. I really want to work with start-ups and eventually become the head of a multicultural department at university. I also want to turn Newbies in Tech or BlackLinkedin into a non-profit.

Jermaine and I have really tried to create a plan for content across my social media pages. I've been working on securing more brand deals. I have obtained the ability to promote on Linkedin to my 7k followers and I really want to provide them with more valuable content so I'm looking to collaborate with HR professionals and Diversity specialists. I have a few interviews scheduled for the month of May. If you ever want to see or hear about my interviews they will always be a feature on my professional website. If you are interested in interviewing me for your blog, podcast, etc. please feel free to shoot me an email. I have also started doing my unboxings on Youtube! So if you really love unboxings: fashion, beauty, and tech then head over to my channel and support me. I'm trying to get 4,000 watch hours and I would love to increase my followers to 2k.

I'm still single but at least I'm healing and working on being available. I'm not physically available and that's nothing new. With COVID slowing down I'm going to try dating this summer. I did start a meal plan from a delivery company called Freshly. I will talk about them in another blog post. I have to offload some things so I can curate more content in the future. I'm also trying to make time to get into fitness and overall just have more fun.


Are you all still working from home? Do you like working from home or prefer a hybrid or just to be back in the office?

Special Thanks : (Photography)
Jermaine Edgar captured these amazing photos! Please make sure to check out his website and IG@evergeiv < Support Black Professionals.

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